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Red, White, or Bubbly?

When I was a youngster I never fully understood the differences between wines besides the color. This is a great resources for wine newbies or old people who’ve forgotten the difference. 

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Dags…you like dags?

One of Brad Pitt’s best roles in my opinion was Snatch, where he plays a gypsy/madman/bare knuckled boxer with the world’s coolest accent. 


For no reason at all this has become a major part of the lexicon of me, my friends, my co-workers and anyone who is even a remote acquaintance of me whenever a dog is mentioned. 


Probably because, we, like most people just love dogs. A co-worker brought up cats the other day and how she felt a cat was a superior pet to a dog and she got reamed pretty severely from all sides. There are no advantages to a cat unless you really don’t want a pet. Sure, you can leave a cat home for a month - that’s because you don’t care about it and it doesn’t care about you. 

It’s like saying a plant is superior to a child. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like or want kids, but my reasoning is because I don’t want to take care of a kid. If I claimed I did and then talked on the benefits of owning a plant over a child I’d be a hypocrite. No?


Now, if you have a family, here’s a good post on dog stuff.

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Daily Taters Gets Decked Out In OU Sooners Garbs

Holy crap. I read a post a while back on someone getting free stuff to review from an Oklahoma Sooners store and I figured it was a hoax. I sent them an email and asked and lo and behold, I got the same offer. While they wouldn’t open up their coffers to everything I wanted, they did let me choose from a few items as long as I was willing to give them a review on my blog and I was like…YEAH.

So I had to sift through my options and after some back and forth I settled on a few different items - first, I was looking for some Oklahoma jewelry, but had a hard time getting them to say yes to my first choices. Eventually, I went for this guy right here:


It’s a little smaller than what I thought it would be, so people don’t tend to notice the logo until they get closer, but it’s still a nice piece of jewelry.

The I wanted something I could wear with dress clothes so I had to choose from a nice selection of University of Oklahoma watches and eventually chose one that went with the rest of my jewelry.


This style is known as the Eclipse and I absolutely love it. The silver faux chain goes well with a lot of my other jewelry. The only complaint is the face can be a bit hard to read if you’re a little near sighted like I am.

All in all, very happy with my purchase and I highly recommend Sooner Planet!

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Guest Posting For Blogs

Writing for someone else’s blog isn’t nearly as hard as it sounds. Just take a look at this financial blog. They’re looking for people to write about Financial related topics for their blog. So why do blogs do this? Many blogs get to the point where they can’t keep up with writing fresh content on a regular basis, and try and enlist the help of other talented writers. What do these writers get in exchange? A valuable link with their choice of anchor text from a website with great authority. This passes along link juice, which is seen in the eyes of Google as great, and shazam, the writer’s website starts showing up higher in Google search results.

Image representing Google Search as depicted i...

There’s so many blogs about different topics, it’s not hard to find one that you could easily write for. Is tourism or traveling your thing? Then trying writing for this tourism blog. Even if you don’t have any guest posting experience, and you could write about anything, then write for this generic blog, which will take any content as long as it isn’t spammy and is of relatively good quality.

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Target Got Me Thinking…


Doing some shopping half way through the work week thanks to the Target gift cards

English: Logo of Target, US-based retail chain
English: Logo of Target, US-based retail chain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I got for my birthday. I certainly love Target, but it got me thinking of what my favorite stores to shop at are. Here are my top picks in no particular order.


Banana Republic

Best Buy



Bed Bath & Beyond

Barnes & Noble